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CPPK Reported a Reduction of Orders from Regions

Central Transit Passenger Company (CPPK) reported a reduction of orders from all regions it operates in except Moscow and Moscow Oblast.

“Every year CPPK signs contracts with all 11 regions it operates in”, CPPK says in its press release. “The contract contains information on orders for transportation - routes, number of trains, number of cars in the train. All regions except Moscow and Moscow Oblast reduced its orders for transit transportation in 2016”.

Regions initiated changes in train schedules (reducing the routes); in total of 19 routes will be closed.

CPPK provides transit transportation in 10 Russian regions, including Moscow and Moscow Oblast. The company is owned by OAO RZD (25% + 1 share), Moscow Oblast (25% plus 1 share) and Fredlake Holdings (50% minus two shares), which, in its turn, is co-owned by entrepreneurs Iskander Makhmudov and Andrey Bokarev.

Please contact us to learn more about Central Transit Passenger Company

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