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Russian Government Defined Products Requiring Import Replacement

The Russian Government published lists of products requiring import replacement, the Kommersant reports. The list does contain railway-related products; primarily, rolling stock.

The first list contains 11 products - sophisticated and expensive. These products could be acquired in case its operational characteristics are agreed with the Commission for Import Replacement. The second list contains 139 products that cannot be acquired from outside Russia without the Commission’s approval.

Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Trade disputed over applying the new rules. The dispute between the two Ministries was de-facto a dispute between the project and engineering approaches to investment project execution. The Government decided to publish the two lists and hand over the execution principles to the Commission for Import Replacement.

“Import replacement” is reduction of product sourcing from outside Russia and its manufacture in Russia. For several years import replacement is proclaimed one of Russia’s national priorities.

Please contact us to learn more about rail products requiring import replacement

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