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Russian Freight Car Fleet to Shrink 20% by 2020

The Russian freight car fleet is to get reduced 20%, the RZD-Partner quotes Non-Commercial Partnership Railway Rolling Stock Operator Union (NZhDPS).

The rolling stock is to get decreased from current 970,000 freight cars to 781,000 cars by 2020. In 2016 in total of 69,000 freight cars should be scrapped.

Denis Rudakov, OZhDPS Head of Analytic Dept., expects that in 2016 - 2020 mostly flat (-15%) and corn (-11%) cars would be scrapped. The least affected rolling stock would be tank cars (-3%). As for gondola cars having the largest share in the total freight car fleet, they would reduce from the current 447,600 to 384,700 cars by 2020.

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