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Uralvagonzavod to Increase Export Sales 3.6 Times

Uralvagonzavod expects to increase its 2016 export sales 3.6 times, the Interfax quotes Uralvagonzavod Deputy General Director Alexey Zharich. Uralvagonzavod expects to get over 10 B RUB (131.2 M USD) of export sales in 2016.

“In 2015 we made 5.6 B RUB (73.4 M USD) on freight car sales, including 2.8 B RUB (36.7 M USD) received on export contracts”, Mr. Zharich said.

The company has announced that it would supply freight cars to Azerbaijan. Uralvagonzavod was also saying it was in negotiations with Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Uralvagonzavod is one of Russia’s largest freight car manufacturers. With over 20,000 freight car capacity, it manufactured only 3,500 freight cars in 2015. The company expects to manufacture 14,000 cars in 2016.

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