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FGK to Buy 4,000 Cars and Lease from Large Operators

Federal Freight Company (FGK) is considering leasing freight cars from Transgarant, Brunswick, GTLK and might acquire 4,000 new cars, the Interfax quotes FGK General Director Alexey Taicher.

“We are in negotiations with a dozen of companies to lease their cars”, Mr. Taicher said. “We are negotiating with Transgarant, Brunswick Rail… With those who has a substantial gondola car fleet - 1,000 and over. We are also negotiating with GTLK but received no offers from them yet”.

FGK is to scrap around 50,000 cars in 2015 - 2016.

Federal Freight Company is one of Russia’s largest freight car operators. The company is owned by OAO RZD.

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