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Russia Manufactured 31 Trams in 2015

Russia manufactured only 31 trams in 2015, the RZD-Partner quotes Alexander Polikarpov, Deputy Head - Research Dept. with the Natural Monopoly Institute (IPEM).

In 2005 - 2014 Russia manufactured in total of 1400 trams. Since 2008 tram manufacture is declining.

Several large cities, e.g. Moscow and St. Petersburg, have long-term urban transport development programs.

Tram operation is to be developed, inter alia, before the 2018 Football World Cup - Kazan is to build a dedicated tram line, Kaliningrad is to build a ring line for its speed tram.

Vladikavkaz expects to lease 10 trams from Ekaterinburg in 2016.

Rostov-on-Don is to buy 30 low-floor trams in 2016.

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