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OPZT President Gapanovich Met with US Companies

American Railway Club held a meeting with Valentin Gapanovich, President of the Union of Railway Equipment Manufacturers (OPZT) and Senior Vice President, OAO RZD. The meeting was arranged by the US Embassy in Russia and OPZT.

The meeting was attended by Amsted Rail, GE, Wabtec, Timken, Cummins, GATX Vostok, Alcoa. RRC Rail Group spoke about two companies it represents - Nathan Airchime and Therm-Omega-Tech.

The companies raised different questions from specific product application to certification and accreditation specifics. In April OPZT would arrange a meeting on cyber security and software certification; in June a meeting on certifying innovative products is to be held.

Mr. Gapanovich expressed hope that OPZT would get in closer contact with AAR. Both Mr. Gapanovich and Keith Kirkham, Minister Counselor Commercial Affairs with US Embassy in Moscow, concluded that further meetings of the American Rail Club will be useful for both the Russian and American parties.

American Rail Club is an informal group of US companies operating in Russia.

OPZT is Russia’s leading non-commercial partnership uniting railway equipment manufacturers.

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