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UniWagon Bought Titran Express Assembly Plant

United Wagon Company (UniWagon) acquired 100% in “Titran Express” Tikhvin Assembly Plant, the Interfax reports. Titran Express is designed to modernize and repair over 3,500 freight cars p.a.

UniWagon has already established the central service center for freight cars on Barber bogies at Titran Express. The plant also manufactures wheel sets and other components for new-generation freight cars.

At the present time UniWagon has got 51 service centers and 6 training centers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

UniWagon is an integrated railway holding manufacturing freight cars as well as providing transportation, leasing, engineering and maintenance services to new-generation freight cars. The holding owns Tikhvin Car-Building Plant, TikhvinKhimMash, NPC Pruzhina, RAIL1520 leasing company, Vostok1520 transportation company and other entities. The holding owns and operates over 28,000 freight cars.

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