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St. Petersburg Metro Reported 3.9 M USD Loss in 2015

St. Petersburg Metro reported 2015 loss at 270 M RUB (3.9 M USD), the Delovoy Peterburg reports. The metro gained profit of 339 M RUB (5 M USD) in 2014.

The company’s losses are reported at 27.1 B RUB (395.5 M USD), including 5.6 B RUB (81.7 M USD) invested in car, track and equipment repair.

The income is reported at 17.1 B RUB (250 M USD) on passenger transportation, 500 M RUB (7.3 M USD) on facility rent and 350 M RUB (5.1 M USD) on advertising. St. Petersburg subsidized the metro at 8.6 B RUB (125.5 M USD).

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