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Krasnoyarsk Needs 1 B USD to Complete Metro Construction

Completion of the metro construction in Krasnoyarsk is to cost 60 - 70 B RUB (0.92 - 1,08 B USD), the TASS quotes Krasnoyarsk Krai Governor Victor Tolokonsky. He made this statement at the Krasnoyarsk Krai Legislative Assembly meeting.

“A million-population city has to have some speed transport”, Mr. Tolokonsky said. “60 - 70 B RUB is needed to complete the first metro line”. The region cannot invest 100% into the project and federal financing is needed, he added.

Krasnoyarsk may though reject the metro project and invest into speed tram construction. Respective negotiations are ongoing.

Krasnoyarsk Metro construction was commissioned in 1995 but suspended in 2010 due to lack of financing.

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