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Gennady Verkhovykh Might Be Appointed RZD Senior VP

OAO RZD Vice President Gennady Verkhovykh might be appointed Senior Vice President, the Interfax quotes its sources in the rail industry. Mr. Verkhovykh is supervising passenger transportation at OAO RZD.

At the present time there are three Senior VPs at OAO RZD - Sergey Maltsev supervising corporate management and strategic development, Vadim Mikhailov supervising economics and finance, and Valentin Gapanvich supervising innovation development of the company.

Mr. Verkhovykh was born in 1959. He graduated from the Leningrad Railway Engineering Institute, majored in Railway Operations. His work experience ranges from Station Dispatcher to Head - RZD Passenger Dept.

The decision on Mr. Verkhovykh’s appointment is to be taken at the OAO RZD Board of Directors’ meeting on May 10.

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