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Russia Will Need 100-200 High-Speed Trains in 5-10 Years - CNR CRC

Russia’s demand for high-speed trains are 100 - 200 consists in the next 5 - 10 years, the RIA Novosti quotes Ma Chunshen, Export Dept. Head with CNR CRC.

“We have held several marketing studies regarding the Russian market potential”, Mr. Ma said. “We know it from the Russian plan for railways that Russia will not have vast demand for high-speed trains. There would be some 100 - 200 trains in the next five - ten years. However, for the Moscow - Kazan project and for the Russo-Chinese friendship Changchun would likes to establish a joint venture to offer high-quality rolling stock for Russian customers”.

There are no high-speed railways in Russia today. Construction of the Moscow - Kazan line is to be commissioned in 2017. The 770-km railway would cost 1.068 T RUB (16.1 B USD).

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