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Transmashholding Unveiled A Train for St. Petersburg Metro Line 1

Transmashholding unveiled the 81-722.1/723.1/724.1 train to be operated at St. Petersburg Metro Line 1, the RZD-Partner reports. The train was unveiled within the SmartTRANSPORT International Forum held in St. Petersburg.

The train was designed in compliance with St. Petersburg Metro’s technical assignment. There are eight cars within the train - two motor head cars, four intermediate motor cars and two trailer intermediate cars.

The train features a double-level safety and diagnostics microprocessor system, internal and external video surveillance system.

The contract for 28 eight-car trains was signed by St. Petersburg Metro and October Electric Multiple Unit Repair Plant (OEVRZ, Transmashholding’s asset) in August 2015. The trains will have to be supplied by 2020.

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