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Russia Has to Protect Its Manufacturers Worldwide - Lipa

Russia has to protect interests of its industrial companies worldwide, the RZD-Partner quotes Transmashholding General Director Kirill Lipa. He shared his vision at the 1520 Strategic Partnership International Railway Forum held in Sochi.

“Within the last decades Russia opened doors to a lot of foreign suppliers of different products, large contracts were signed”, Mr. Lipa said. “And I have a question - what did Russian manufacturers get upon this trade? What was Russia’s profit out of this trade? If we analyze the global experience, we will see that transport machine-building is the industry following the political and foreign trade activity of any country and we are entering into trading relationships primarily where we have political contacts and alliances. It is no occasion that most of our plants are dual-purpose manufacturing not only transports but also military products”.

There is a clear link between politics and trade, Mr. Lipa said. Embassies have to be active in international tenders as they might influence onto contract signing at the political level. “I suggest Russia operates externally standing for its manufacturers. Every contract for any product means a reduction of the Russian manufacturers’ share. Every month I get a contract for a foreign partner proposing to split our share of the Russian market. They would like to supply diesel engines, trams to Russia; there are negotiations with Chinese suppliers for the high-speed project while our postal coaches cannot get access to the Chinese railway. It is about foreign trade, it is a different level. So, when we talk about business and trade, we need to talk globally about it. We are now in negotiations with General Electric to establish a diesel engine joint venture. And my position is that one engine sold in Russia has to be equal to one exported engine. If we jointly product it, why can’t we export it?”

Mr. Lipa added that Russian manufacturers have to unite, develop a joint project, add on a political touch to it, get political support and move on to exports protecting the Russian market.

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