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RZD Signed an MOU with Indonesian Railways

OAO RZD and Kereta Api Indonesia signed a memorandum of understanding, OAO RZD reports. The document was signed in Moscow by OAO RZD President Oleg Belozerov and Kereta Api Indonesia President Edi Sukmoro.

Under this MOU, signed by the Russian and Indonesian state railways, the parties will jointly participate in railway and logistic infrastructural projects in Russia and Indonesia, cooperate in transport machine-building, exchange experience and attract private and foreign investments into the railway development. Furthermore, under the MOU the railways will exchange innovative information, cooperate in R&D, jointly develop standards.

“We would like to unite our efforts”, Mr. Belozerov said. “We can see that our potential can be used in different areas”.

The two railways will establish a working group to define areas of cooperation.

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