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Tajikistan to Privatize Infrastructure Assets

Tajikistan Parliament approved amendments to legislation allowing long-term temporary privatization of the national infrastructure assets, the RZD-Partner reports. The goal is to improve the assets utilization, increase budget receipts and decrease operational costs.

In 2003 the Tajikistan Government has already approved the Strategic Plan for Privatization of Middle-Sized and Large Enterprises and Restructuring of Natural Monopolies and Largest Enterprises for 2003 - 2013. Out of 459 companies scheduled for privatization 424 were privatized.

In 2016 Tajikistan is to privatize 25 more companies, including Kurgan-Tube Transformer Plant, Vakhdat Repair and Mechanical Plant, Railway Freight forwarding Company.

Tajikistan Railway is to be privatized, too, but after 2016. The privatization of the company is to be arranged under a special, individual plan.

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