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Construction of St. Petersburg Airport Shuttle to Be Commissioned in 2018

The construction of the Aeroexpress airport shuttle in St. Petersburg might be commissioned in H2 2018, RZD-Partner quotes St. Petersburg Vice Governor Igor Albin. The railway is to link the Pulkovo Airport and the Vitebsk Railway Terminal.

“It takes 2 years to build the rail link for the express train, so we expect that the potential investor and concessioner is to start construction not earlier than the end of the 2018 Football World Cup”, the message said. Design work is to be completed by 2017.

The city administration believes that the Aeroexpress train is to be needed in case its passenger turnover reaches 23 M (with 3 M out of those using the train). St. Petersburg believes that the Pulkovo Airport will reach this passenger turnover rate by 2019 (optimistic scenario) to 2025 (basic scenario).

The time en route will take less than 25 minutes.


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