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Sinara and CRRC Signed High-Speed Train Manufacture Agreement

Sinara Group and CRRC signed an agreement to establish a high-speed train manufacturing facility in Russia, Sinara reports. The document was signed by Sinara Group Chairman Dmitry Pumpyansky and CRRC President Guohua Xi in presence of OAO RZD President Oleg Belozerov and China Rail Corporation General Manager Sheng Guangzu.

Under the agreement the companies will establish a joint venture and “consolidate efforts to ensure supplies of not less than 100 trains” operated at 300 km/h or over. The manufacture of the high-speed trains is to be localized in Russia; the facility will provide life-cycle service to the trains.

Sinara will assume manufacture while CRRC will provide design, manufacture control, technology licensing and technical support.

The trains are to be operated at the Moscow - Kazan high-speed mainline currently designed by a Russo-Chinese joint venture. The Moscow - Kazan railway is now considered a part of the would-be Eurasian high-speed transportation corridor that is to link Moscow and Beijing.

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