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Moscow - Kazan High-Speed Line to Be Commissioned in 2020

The Moscow - Kazan high-speed mainline is to be commissioned in 2020, the TASS quotes OAO RZD First Vice President Alexander Misharin.

“We have a schedule and it is not a quick construction project”, Mr. Misharin said. “We finalize design and launch construction this year. According to the schedule, it is to be commissioned in 2020”.

“This line is to be commissioned in several phases. In parallel, design work is to be launched for other lines. We are now working at a justification study for the Moscow - Tula line”, he added.

The Moscow - Kazan HST line is to be 770 km long; trains would be operated at 400 km/h. The time en route is to be decreased from the current 14 to 3.5 hours.

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