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Metro Construction Design Contractors Involved in Bribery - Spanish Police

The Spanish police is investigating a case against a group of people allegedly involved in corruption deals related to metro construction projects among others, the Archyxx reports.

Francisco Granados, a politician who is now in prision, had a stake in Bustren PM, an engineering company, via a figurehead person. Bustren PM was formally managed and owned by Jesus Trabada, who is believed to be a trusted person placed by Mr. Granados in 2003 when the latter was working at the Madrid Ministry of Transport and managed Mintra, a public company supervising the Madrid Metro expansion.

At that time Mintra got orders for Madrid Metro expansion leaded by Jesus Trabada, which, investigators believe, is tied to Mr. Granados’ case of corruption.

Bustren PM was involved in Moscow Metro expansion projects. The Moscow Metro construction projects were awarded to a Russian company called Bustren RM, which is co-owned by Bustren (69.2%) and Russian citizen Sergey Groshikov (30.8%). RBC reported earlier that the majority share was initially owned directly by Mr. Trabada and Bustren formally entered the company in 2013 only. At the present time Bustren PM was out of Moscow new Metro projects due to delays in work performance and substantial debts to its sub-contractors. Trabada also reported to the Spanish police that he was managed by a Vice-Mayor of Moscow to set up the Russian company Bustren RM with Mr Groshikov.

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