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RZD Bought 246 Locomotives in H1 2016

OAO RZD bought 246 locomotives in H1 2016, the RZD-Partner reports. The company bought 123 electric and 123 diesel locomotives.

Specifically, OAO RZD bought the following freight electric locomotives: Ermak 2ES5 (8), 3ES5K (43), Sinara 2ES6 (46), Donchak 2ES4 (9). The following diesel locos were bought: 2TE25KM (55), 2TE116U (1), 2TE116UD (6).

OAO RZD also acquired 17 EP2K passenger electric locomotives and 7 TEP70BS passenger diesel locomotives.

The company bought 44 TEM18DM shunting locomotives and 2 TEM14 shunters.

As part of the Sakhalin Railway renewal, 2 TG16M mainline locomotives were bought to be operated at both 1067 mm and 1520 mm gauge.

OAO RZD expects to acquire in total of 507 locomotives in 2016, including 253 electric and 254 diesel locomotives.

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