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Sinara Achieved 70% in the Lastochka EMU Localization

Sinara has localized the Lastochka (Siemens’ Desiro RUS concept) EMU at over 70%, the company’s Chairman Dmitry Pumpyansky told the Rossiya 24 TV Channel.

“According to the schedule we should have [localization at] 60 - 65%”, Mr. Pumpyansky said. “But it is over 70% already. Starting with train No. 45 we will move forward to the next localization step to over 70%, some 72 - 73%. This train is to be manufacturers in October - November this year”.

The new trains will be equipped with “Russian brain, Russian automated systems and Russian braking system”, he added. By doing so, Sinara would likes to become the “key Russian localizer of the high-speed rolling stock manufacture”, Mr. Pumpyansky concluded.

Sinara Group is a diversified holding. In September 2011 OAO RZD and Ural Locomotives (Sinara Group and Siemens JV) signed a contract for 1,200 EMU cars (240 trains). The trains were to be supplied in 2015 - 2020. According to the contract, the localization rate of at least 80% is to be achieved by end-2017.

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