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St. Petersburg to Announced Tenders for 228 Metro Cars

St. Petersburg is to announce tenders for 228 metro cars, the Vedomosti reports. The reason is that the current supplier, Vagonmash, does not meet deadlines.

The tender for 48 metro cars was finalized in February 2015; Vagonmash was announced the winner. However, the contract was signed in two months after that as another bidder, OEVRZ, filed an antimonopoly claim. Furthermore, St. Petersburg Administration was not signing the contract before Kirovsky Plant entered Vagonmash’s capital.

Now, St. Petersburg Transport Committee requires Vagonmash to pay penalty fees at 823 M RUB for late delivery of metro cars. In compliance with the contract, the first six-car train was to be supplied in December 2015 while it was supplied in mid-May 2016 only and has not yet been commissioned. The second train was to be supplied by April 29; so far only three cars out of six were supplied.

Two new tenders - for 24 AC-driven cars and 204 cars - are expected to be announced in autumn 2016. St. Petersburg Metro has completed pricing monitoring in mid-July.

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