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St. Petersburg Announced Tender for LRV Concept Update

St. Petersburg Government announced a tender for light rail vehicle (LRV) concept update, the RZD-Partner reports. The starting price of the contract is to be 13 M RUB (205 K USD).

De facto, the “update” means providing a detailed analysis of the project. The winner of the tender is to consult St. Petersburg Government on updating the LRV justification study. Furthermore, the Government expects to get a forecast of the passenger turnover in 2016 - 2045, independent evaluation of the land plot pricing, define optimal location of the LRV and draft the final economic model of the project. The work is to be completed by December 1, 2016.

The winner of the tender is to be appointed by mid-August 2016.

Under the LRV project 13 lines are to be built. The price of each line construction is estimated at 10 B RUB (157.7 M USD). VTB is to be the key project investor.

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