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Ukrainian Railways Reform Plan Unveiled

Ukrainian Railways Chairman Wojciech Balczun unveiled his plan of the company’s reform, the RZD-Partner reports. The plan requires stronger support from the Government and granting wider autonomy of actions to the Ukrainian Railways management.

First, HR questions have to be settled by the company’s management. In particular, it means possibility of firing incompetent personnel, early pension as part of the HR optimization, revision of the corporate social obligations.

Second are tariff questions. The corporate management is to have the right to revise freight and passenger tariffs to attain balanced tariff policy.

Third is improving the company’s financial stability. The Government is to approve and comply with divided policy, support of the requirement legislative and regulatory changes that would improve Ukrainian Railways’ stability. The corporate management is to have the right to take decisions on key investments.

Mr. Balczun also defined financial goals of the company. Ukrainian Railways is to accumulate internal investment resources to reach 1 B USD in the next 2 - 3 years. Fighting corruption is a key goal for the next 6 months, Mr. Balczun said. This is to be achieved, in particular, through introducing transparent tender procedures.

The company will introduce an automated system of distributing freight cars between clients to “avoid officials’ unfair actions”. The tariff policy will also be audited.

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