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RZD to Reduce Locomotives Acquisitions Since 2017

OAO RZD is to buy less locomotives starting 2017, the Kommersant quotes OAO RZD Vice President Oleg Valinsky supervising locomotive operations. He made this statement at the Round Table “Increasing Locomotive Fleet Efficiency at the Russian Railways: Issues and Prospective”.

The reason for reduction is that RZD’s inventory fleet is to be optimized and all the locomotives that would remain in the fleet will be operated. “We evaluated the amount at the average of 430 - 450 locomotives that we would buy every year”, Mr. Valinsky said. “That should be sufficient for the fleet renewal”.

OAO RZD might also increase leasing the rolling stock. However, this option is so far considered as alternative, Mr. Valinsky noted as it is not clear yet how many locomotives the company is ready to lease.

As of January 1, 2016 OAO RZD’s total fleet was 20,800 locomotives with 14,500 out of them being operational. Now, the company is to write off the locos, which will definitely not be operated and increase repairs. OAO RZD believes that the locomotive fleet is to be reduced to 17,500 by 2020 while the wear is to get reduced from the current 68% to 63%.

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