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Industrial Investors Group to Acquire Large Fleet of Innovative Freight Cars

Industrial Investors Group officially announced a future deal on acquiring a “large fleet of innovative freight cars”, the Gudok reports. The Group is “in negotiations with some innovative freight car owners and operators”.

Industrial Investors Group is looking at different options - buying separate innovative freight cars or rail operators or owners of these cars. “We are looking to strategically participate in this project in the rail transportation market and use all the successful experience we have gained in this business”, the company quotes its General Director Andrey Burlinov. “The rail transportation market looks again prospective and the innovative freight car segment shows most dynamics”.

Russia’s largest innovative freight car operators are UVZ Logistic (part of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation) and Vostok 1520 (part of United Wagon Company). UVZ Logistic operated a fleet of 38,600 freight cars and Vostok 1520 - 16,900 cars.

Industrial Investors Group is owned by entrepreneur Sergey Generalov. Previously he had transportation assets with a controlling stock in FESCO (Far-Eastern Marine Company). FESCO, in its turn, owned Transgarant rail operator with over 16,000 freight car fleet. In 2012 Mr. Generalov sold the company to the Summa Group.

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