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RZD’s Investment Program May Be Doubled

OAO RZD’s investment program might be doubled in the next years; however, this has to be financially and technically justified, the Gudok quotes OAO RZD President Oleg Belozerov. He made this statement in his interview to the Rossiya-24 Channel.

“My goal for RZD is to reach 600 - 700 B RUB (9.3 - 9.8 B USD) p.a.; probably, even more than that”, Mr. Belozerov said. “A more common number for us today is around 400 B RUB (6.2 B USD). But our plans are ambitious especially as we have the Moscow - Kazan high-speed project. We keep on working at this project and this is a sizable amount. Therefore, we are talking 700 - 800 B RUB (9.8 - 12.4 B USD). However, we need to establish projects, develop financial models and reach technical characteristics. It will take several years”.

OAO RZD’s investment program was approved at 424.1 B RUB (6.5 B USD).

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