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Altaivagon to Manufacture 3,500 Freight Cars in 2016

Altaivagon expects to manufacture 3,500 freight cars in 2016, the TASS quotes SDS-Mash Holding President Mikhail Fedyaev. SDS-Mash controls Altaivagon.

“In January - August we manufactured 1,700 cars”, Mr. Fedyaev said. “In the next months we will be manufacturing around 500 cars, which makes 3,500 in total. Out of that amount 3,000 will be manufactured for Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)”.

The cars supplied to SUEK will be innovative. The contract was signed in May 2016.

Altaivagon’s manufactured dropped 30% in 2014 due to the economic crisis. In 2015 the company produced 2,500 cars.

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