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Russian Freight Hyperloop Project Unveiled

Caspian VC Partners and Hyperloop One unveiled details of the Russian Hyperloop project in the Far East, the TASS reports. The presentation was held within the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok by Caspian VC Partners Managing Director William Shor and Hyperloop One Levitation Engineer Casey Handmer.

The partners ordered a justification study to MosgortransNIIproekt R&D institution. Under the project, the Hyperloop line is to be built between Zarubino port in Russia and Hunchun city in China. The average speed of this freight line is to be 743 km/h with maximal speed of 875 km/h. The project amount is estimated at 1.5 B USD.

This freight line will allow annual transportation of up to 19 M tons of corn or up to 2 M TEU.

“We are waiting for the first and, I hope, successful Hyperloop tests in January”, Caspian VC Partners co-founder Ziyavutdin Magomedov, said. “I believe the first project will be completed by 2020 - 2021. Moscow - St. Petersburg and Moscow - Sochi are the lines for passenger transportation. They are realistic from the passenger turnover point of view. But I do believe that passenger transportation is phase 2 because they are subject to tough regulatory approvals. Passenger projects would be a little postponed to, most likely, 2024 - 2026”.

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