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OEVRZ to Supply 27 Trains to St. Petersburg Metro

October EMU Repair Plant (OEVRZ) won St. Petersburg Metro’s tender for 27 six-car metro trains, the Gudok reports. The results were published at the State Acquisition Portal.

There were two participants in the tender - OEVRZ (Transmashholding’s subsidiary) and Vagonmash (Kirovsky Plant and Skoda Transportation JV). OEVRZ’s price was 13.392 B RUB (209.3 M USD) while Vagonmash quoted 13.46 B RUB (210.4 M USD).

Under the tender, the manufacture of the cars has to be at least 70% localized in Russia. The cars have to be OEM, not previously operated, repaired, restored. The car body life is set at 50 years.

Each EMU train is to have two head motor cars, two intermediate motor cars and two intermediate trailer cars.

The trains will have to be transferred to the customer in 2017 (15 trains) and 2018 (12 trains).

The trains were acquired to increase transportation capacity of the metro during the World Cup 2018.

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