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Uralvagonzavod to Manufacture 10,000 Freight Cars in 2016

Uralvagonzavod expects to manufacture around 10,000 freight cars in 2016, the TASS quotes Uralvagonzavod General Director Oleg Sienko.

“In total of around 10,000 freight cars will be manufactured”, Mr. Sienko said. “Out of that amount 25% will be exported. Uralvagonzavod’s manufacture is working at full capacity”.

The company completed delivery of freight cars to Azerbaijan. “We started shipments to Iran, keep on supplies to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan and have plans of deliveries to other countries but, as the manufacture is loaded with orders, we moved those to 2017”.

Uralvagonzavod produced 3,500 freight cars in 2015. The plan for 2018 onwards is 16,000 freight cars with 25 - 30% exports.

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