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GE - Transmashholding First Russian GEVO Engine to Be Manufactured in 2017

GE - Transmashholding’s joint venture will manufacture its first diesel engine in Russia in 2017, the Gudok quotes GE Vice President Richard Simpson. He made this statement at the GE Supplier Conference.

The joint venture, Penza Diesel Engines, is being established at Penzadizelmash, facility owned by Transmashholding. The JV is co-owned by GE Transportation and Transmashholding.

The JV is to manufacture GEVO engines operating on diesel fuel and natural gas. The GEVO engines are designed for locomotives, marine vessels and electric power stations.

The partners will invest 60 M USD into the project. The facility’s capacity is to be 200 engines p.a.

The JV expects to source components from Russian companies - by 2019 GE expects to reach local component acquisitions at 100 M USD.

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