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St. Petersburg Announced Tender for 40 Metro Cars

St. Petersburg Metro announced a tender for five eight-car AC-driven metro cars, the Gudok reports. The tender was published at the State Acquisitions Portal.

The maximal contract amount is 3.99 B RUB. In compliance with the contract, the supplier is to hand over all the trains to the customer in January - April 2018. The traction drive of the cars has to ensure heat-free operation at 48 km/h at 1,700 km length considering maximal passenger load. The cars have to be localized at least at 70%. Tender bids are accepted until October 25, 2016; the electronic auction is scheduled for November 8, 2016.

The Vedomosti believes that there will be at least two bidders in this tender - Transmashholding (via one or several of its facilities) and Vagonmash (Skoda Transportation and Kirovsky Zavod JV).

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