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Russian Companies Bought 16,000 Freight Cars in Jan - Aug 2016

Russian companies bought 16,000 freight cars in January - August 2016, the RZD-Partner quotes the OZhDPS Non-Commercial Partnership.

Operator companies bought 9,300 cars; 3,100 cars we bought by freight car manufacturers and companies affiliated with them.

“The reason of diverted demand for new freight cars is that market leaders’ approaches to gaining and holding the market share has changed”, OZhDPS Chairman Andrey Sobolev commented. “Traditionally, the lack of interest to new cars was explained by high interest rates on loans and low rates on freight car offer. However, the average interest rate on loan was not that low - 13% - and right now you can get a loan at even lower rate. As for the rolling stock offer rate, they were on the slow but steady rise all the way through 2016”.

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