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Russia to Manufacture 34,600 Freight Cars in 2016

Russia will manufacture 34,600 freight cars in 2016, the RZD-Partner quotes Stanislav Zolotarev, Altaivagon Deputy General Director for GR and Prospective Development. He made this statement at the Round Table “Improving Efficiency of the Rail Transportation Process”.

In 2015 Russia produced in total of 28,800 freight cars and expected to manufacture around 40,000 this year (+28.7%). However, this is hardly possible.

The Government signed documents supporting OEM freight car manufacturers in Q2 2016 while the industry expected it in Q1 2016. Furthermore, metal prices rose 45% and export contracts plan was minus 12,000 down to expectations.

In January - August 2016 Russia manufactured 19,000 freight cars. There are still 98,000 of excessive freight cars at the network. Most of the excessive cars are gondolas (61,000). The tank car excess is 27,000 cars, box car - 7,000, flat cars - 3,000.

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