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Sinara’s Gas Turbine Locomotive Allowed for Serial Production

The GT1h-002 gas turbine locomotive is allowed for serial production, the Gudok quotes Sinara Transport Machines. The acceptance tests of the locomotive were successful; the locomotive is compliant with OAO RZD technical assignment.

The GT1h-002 gas turbine locomotive is manufactured by Lyudinovsky Diesel Locomotive Plant. The acceptance commission allowed the plant to produce the so-called installation lot of 24 locos.

OAO RZD is planning to buy one GT1h-002 locomotive in 2016 upon receipt of the EAC certificate of compliance. If OAO RZD’s investment program is approved and the locomotive “complies with specifications in actual operation”, the company may buy over 20 locos, OAO RZD commented.

The GT1h-002 mainline gas turbine locomotive passed supervised operation at the Sverdlovskaya Railway. The loco had 78 trips including 56 with heavy-haul trains. The locomotive is designed for operation at non-electrified sections in Siberia and Extreme North. The GT1h-002 is operating at liquified natural gas (LNG). Its emissions are Euro-5 complaint; external noise is within the Russian sanitary norms.

The locomotive can run for nearly 700 km without additional fueling.

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