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Localized Lastochka EMU Certified within Customs Union

The ES2G Lastochka EMU manufactured by Ural Locomotives got a Certificate of Compliance with the Customs Union Technical Regulations, the Gudok reports. The EMU, originally based on Siemens’ Desiro RUS concept, is 80% localized.

A separate certificate is received for a bogie designed and manufactured by Ural Locomotives.

The EMU now features Russian control system, microclimate system, information system as well as the bogie with a Russian braking system.

“The test schedule was met, various parameters were tested at the same time on different values being different to different operation sites”, VNIIZhT Deputy General Director Oleg Nazarov said. “Lastochka EMUs with Russian systems showed better dynamics and strength, electric energy consumption and braking parameters. For example, there is a good backup in braking for both service and emergency modes”.

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