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Russian Rail Machine-Building to Double Exports by End-2018

Exports of automobile-building, aviation, rail and agricultural machine-building products is to double by end-2018, the Gudok quotes Russian Acting Minister of Economic Development Evgeny Elin. He made this statement at the Strategic Development and Priority Project Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin.

“We need to increase sales of Russian industrial products, ensure wide access of Russian companies into external markets”, Mr. Putin said. “To do that, we need to establish a common system of support to industrial exporters that will get tailored to customers’ requirements so that exports becomes easier and more convenient”.

He also said that the four mentioned industries have got a wide potential for exports. “I mean primarily automobile-building, aviation, agricultural and rail machine-building - so-called added-value industries. Development of these industries may give an impetus to a chain of manufacturers in heavy, light and transportation industries”, he added.

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