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Russian Heavy-Haul Market Capacity Is 150,000 Freight Cars

The capacity of the Russian heavy-haul freight car train is 150,000 freight cars, the Gudok quotes Vladimir Sosipatorov, General Director with First Heavy-Haul Company. He made this statement at the conference Transportation Service Market: Interaction and Partnership held in Moscow.

The heavy-haul transportation experience has been gained during the last three years. “The dispatching of the heavy-haul trains has improved a lot”, Mr. Sosipatorov said. “The rolling stock was concentrated at certain routes and a schedule was defined for these trains. The dispatching process was arranged to RZD requirements and RZD approved the routes of the empty cars. So, jointly we localized the fleet at the most challenging routes and ensured freight transportation without additional investments into infrastructure”.

The capacity of the heavy-haul market is 150,000 freight cars and the demand shifted from quantity to quality as competition became more tough. Therefore, operators need new technologies to be competitive at core markets, Mr. Sosipatorov concluded.

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