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RZD Capital Increased at 40.1 M USD to Execute Infrastructure Projects in 2017

Russian Government increased OAO RZD’s joint stock capital at 24.98 B RUB (40.88 M USD), the PRIME reports. The funds will be invested into infrastructure projects.

The company is to allocate 8.84 B RUB (14.47 M USD) to build a railway link between Prokhorovka, Zhuravka, Chertkovo and Bataysk. This link is also known as “link bypassing Ukraine”.

OAO RZD is to invest 3.34 B RUB (5.47 M USD) to overhaul the rail link between M Gorkogo Station, Kotelnikovo, Tikhoretskaya and Krymskaya (southern Russia) bypassing Krasnodar rail hub.

4.7 B RUB (7.70 M USD) will be invested into developing Moscow transportation hub.

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