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Transmashholding Started Supplying Components to Alstom

Tsentrosvarmash (TsSM, Transmashholding asset) started shipment of bolster beams to Alstom, the PRIME reports. The beams manufactured in Russia will be used in bogies of the Metropolis metro cars that Alstom is to supply to Panama.

Under a three-year contract, TsSM is to supply 350 Bolster B20 beams to Alstom. The Russian supplier is to deliver 29 beams until end-2017.

Alstom has certified the manufacturing site as well as the personnel manufacturing the bolsters. “TsSM was the first out of five Transmashholding facilities that Alstom certified for compliance with its requirements. TsSM received the EN3834 certificate”, Transmashholding reports.

In addition to the Panama contract, TsSM expects to start supplies of oil tanks for the KZ8A locomotive transformer cooling system. These electric locomotives are manufactured by Kazakhstan-based Elektrovoz Kurastyru Zauyty .

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