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Novosibirsk Metro to Assemble Metro Cars

Novosibirsk Metro will assemble metro cars, the Gudok quotes Novosibirsk Mayor Anatoly Lokot. A respective agreement was reached with Moscow Car Repair Plant.

The metro car assembled in Novosibirsk will cost the city 30% less than the car assembled in Moscow. Novosibirsk will supply metro cars to own metro and, potentially, to Ekaterinburg.

Earlier Novosibirsk Metro arranged overhaul of the metro cars - pneumatic, electric and mechanic parts of the vehicles are overhauled and interior of the cars is replaced. The Metro overhauled 8 cars in 2016. The price of the overhaul is 13 M RUB (214 K RUB) while a new metro car costs 90 M RUB (1.5 M USD).

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