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Bombardier Completed Technology Transfer to ELTEZA

Bombardier Transportation completed technology transfer to its ELTEZA plants, the Gudok reports. The technology transfer was performed in compliance with license agreement the companies signed in December 2010.

ELTEZA has got certificates to manufacture the EBILock 950 microprocessor-based signaling system, the EBISwitch 2000 sleeper-based electric switch point machine, the EBIGate 2000 level crossing system. In Q4 2016 ELTEZA received certificates for manufacture the EBITrack 400 tonal track circuits.

The Russian company manufactures components for these systems, too, including the CPU for the EBILock 950. At the present time the localization of the manufacture of these components is 80%.

In 2010 - 2011 Bombardier Transportation acquired 50% minus two shares in ELTEZA, Russia’s largest signaling and rail communication equipment manufacturer.

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