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Russian Freight Car-Building: 2016 Results

Russian car-builders manufactured 35,129 freight cars, the TASS quotes Car-Builders Union. It is +31% to 2015.

In particular, Russia produced 20,990 gondola cars (+29% to 2015), 4,300 corn hoppers (2.1 times growth), 2,500 chemical tank cars (2.4 times growth). Anti-record was set by oil tank cars (70 cars, -90% to 2015) and LNG tanks cars (160 cars, -68% to 2015).

Around 70% of all cars manufactured in Russia have an increased (25 tf) axial load.

The freight cars were manufactured by 16 plants. Three plants - Promtraktor-Vagon, Kaliningrad Car-Building Plant and Novokuznetsk Car-Building Plant - ceased freight car manufacture.

The 2016 indisputable leader was United Wagon Company (43% market share). The second largest manufacturer was Uralvagonzavod (21% market share).

Russian freight car owners put 120,800 freight cars out of operation (+16% to 2015). Mostly gondola cars (57,130 cars, -14% to 2015) and oil tank cars (21,700 cars, +2.2 times) were scrapped.

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