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UniWagon to Deliver 6773 Freight Cars to GTLK in 2017

United Wagon Company (UniWagon) is to supply 6,773 freight cars to State Transport Leasing Company (GTLK), the Gudok quotes UniWagon Board of Directors. All the cars will be delivered in 2017.

The amount of the deal is 19.3 B RUB (327 M USD). UniWagon will supply new-generation, increased freight capacity gondola cars. The cars have an axial load of 25 t, which ensures higher reliability, extended life and improved fleet turnover. The cars will be supplied in two lots - 4,461 and 2,312 cars.

The acquired rolling stock fleet will be leased to Vostok1520 rail operator for 15 years. The leasing deal is worth of 44.7 B RUB (757 M USD) excluding VAT, including interest on leasing payments.

GTLK is a state-owned company managed by the Russian Ministry of Transport. The company is in Top-5 Russia’s leasing companies.

UniWagon is an integrated rail holding providing manufacture, transportation and leasing services, engineering and service to new-generation freight cars.

Vostok1520 is a rail operator of new-generation freight cars. The company is part of First Heavy-Weight Company (PTK).

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