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Gas Turbine Locomotives’ Outlook Is Bright - RZD

Gas turbine locomotives’ prospect is very bright but a network of gas filling stations is critical, the Gudok quotes OAO RZD Senior Vice President Valentin Gapanovich. He made this statement at a meeting on gas turbine locomotive development held in Samara.

The GT1h-002 gas turbine locomotive has successfully passed supervised operation, Mr. Gapanovich said. The life cycle costs of the loco is 15% less compared to an electric locomotive while the maintenance cost of the power unit is at least 33% cheaper compared to diesel engines.

Gas turbine locomotives were designed, manufactured and operated in Russia; no other country has this technology. “We can say that the gas turbine locomotive project was successful. The core question now is building gas filling stations”, Mr. Gapanovich said.

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