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St. Petersburg to Buy 36 Metro Cars in 2017

St. Petersburg is to buy 36 metro cars in 2017, the Vedomosti reports. The tender will be announced by St. Petersburg Transport Committee in April.

The cars will have to be delivered by December 2019. The financing limit is 1.75 B RUB (29.6 M USD) for 2018 and 1.95 B RUB for 2019 (33 M USD). The city would likes to buy six six-car trains.

One of the core requirements is localization of not less than 70%.

Normally two companies bid in tenders for rolling stock supply for St. Petersburg. These are Vagonmash (co-owned by Skoda Transportation and Kirovsky Plant) and October Electric Multiple Unit Repair Plant (OEVRZ, owned by Transmashholding). The localization rate at these two are 80% and 62%, respectively. Vagonmash expects to reach 70% localization towards mid-2017.

Earlier Vagonmash delayed the delivery of the rolling stock to St. Petersburg and was charged a 124 M RUB (2 M USD) penalty fee.

OEVRZ won three latest St. Petersburg tenders for rolling stock supply due to a higher localization rate.

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