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Metrovagonmash Signed Life-Cycle Contract for 400 Metro Cars

Metrovagonmash signed a contract with Moscow Metro to provide maintenance and service to 81-760/761 metro cars, the Gudok quotes Transmashholding. Under the contract,

Metrovagonmash is to provide maintenance to 400 cars during their life cycle.

Metrovagonmash is to ensure availability of the 50 trains, 8-car each. The availability is ensuring that 46 out of 50 trains are ready for service 24 x 7 x 365.

The contract is signed until 2043. The trains are the ones manufactured in 2012 - 2014. The maintenance of the vehicles is to be provided at Izmailovo and Varshavskoe depots.

The amount of the contract is 25 B RUB (440 M USD).

Metrovagonmash is already working on two life-cycle contracts with Moscow Metro - for 248 and 392 metro cars, respectively.

Metrovagonmash is Russia’s largest metro car manufacturer. The company also manufactures diesel and electric multiple units. Metrovagonmash is part of Transmashholding.

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