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Metrovagonmash to Supply 144 Metro Cars

Metrovagonmash signed a contract with Moscow Metro for 144 metro cars, the Gudok quotes Transmashholding. The cars are to be supplied until end-2018.

The total amount of the contract is 10.5 B RUB. Metrovagonmash will supply 81-765/766/767 “Moscow” metro cars.

In 2017 - 2020 Moscow Metro is to get 912 “Moscow” metro cars. The first consists will be commissioned “in the near future”, Transmashholding reports.

The 81-765/767/767 “Moscow” metro cars are the latest Metrovagonmash’s R&D. The trains are AC-driven, featuring wheels with noise absorbers, crash coupler systems, electrically-driven wide sliding plug doors. There are more rails inside the car and the rails are wear-resistant. The floor is made of composition material allowing a 40% weight reduction compared to earlier models.

Metrovagonmash is Russia’s largest metro car manufacturer. The company also manufactures diesel and electric multiple units. Metrovagonmash is part of Transmashholding

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